Wednesday, 5 July 2017

week 10 update

Hi guys it Libby & Jess W here for the
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Jun 28, 2017 1:32:23 PM.jpga lot of you parents have been to silver stream with us kids but do you know why we go all of the time???? Because we are actually making or at least trying to make a difference in the world or at least NEW ZEALAND… Hey what can we say you gotta start with little things and get bigger and bigger and bigger welcome to the clarkville life this is just the start of what we do for our enviroment and commuity!!!!!

Dan Dan the tree man is always there to help and guide students and parents ( at silver stream ) heres somethings childeren think about silver stream,
Holly Rossiter “ I think we have achived alot and there is still more things that can be done in the future, as long as it is all under control and we keep going and visting “
Jessica Wakelin “ i think its a really good projet to have and i hope one day our class mates (childeren) will be able to do the same thing “   
  • Gus Faulls said “ Love going down to silver stream because

  • we plant trees and have fun. I think clarkville school has got everything to get an enviro award but we need to get recylebel sushi containers”
  • Ted Rimer said “I love going down to silver stream because we do all the planting and look after the plants clarkville school is a great enviro school we still need to get the bees though”
  • Lenny hay said “I like going down to silver stream. We don’t need to do anything to get a gold all we need to do is be a super enviro school”
  • Kaiya said “Yes i love going down to silver stream because you can do some very important things and help the commuity. Also we get to plant some plants. To help clarkville get a gold I think we need… 1.NO more rubbish
2. To take care of the life and growth     3. Keep planting amazing and beautiful plants
  • Brooke clark said “ YES I love going down to silver stream because we get to plant and do fun stuff. We need NO MORE RUBBISH to get clarkville school to a gold”
  • Olivia V said “ Yes I love going to silver stream because we get to plant plants. We need more butterfly plants”
Charlotte Mac said “ Yes I like going down to Silver Stream because we get to plant plants. All clarkville needs is no more rubbish, more native plants and more butterfly plants”

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