Thursday, 9 June 2016

Aspire planting the biota node

After our initial planning process with  Dan, from Waimak Green Corps, he organised approximately 300 trees to plant... here are some of them ready to go. Which one is the lancewood?

 Discussions about how far apart to plant different trees...

Placing the trees took a bit of thinking and checking the plan!

Once everyone was happy with the placement of plants we got stuck in and planted them

Finn and his Gran, Noelene, (who is already a friend of Silver Stream), did a final check of the plants to make sure they were planted properly. Most of them were great!

The four sides of the Biota node after planting.

As well as planting the trees Toni, (From Enviro Schools),  organised a warm up game first - Native Plant Bingo. It was quite  hard as our knowledge and identification skills of a range of native plants was pitiful... a next learning step!


  1. AWESOME! I loved planting all the trees around the Biota Node. It was also a surprise to have Gran (Noelene) there.
    I had an awesome time!

    Finn Arthur

  2. It was a good time planting the trees and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully next time we will have more time to look for more bugs! I hope the biota node's trees grow so there is more bugs.
    From Owen French

  3. I wish I was there but I did get to help with the planning process and I can't wait to see it next time.
    From Ben/BIn

  4. The trip was fun, I really enjoyed planting trees. I planted about 10. Thanks to Dan for organising it.
    From Mason

  5. It was so good to see the kids enthusiasm. The job was done in no time. Watch them grow.

    Finn's Gran

  6. It was good to get out and see what's going on at silver stream
    Charlotte Roche