Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Second trip to Woodend Water Treatment Plant

Second trip to Woodend Water Treatment Plant
By Thomas and Bronson
  • When we went to the Woodend Water Treatment Plant we learnt that in 60 days there is a new product that comes to the Water Treatment Plant 

  • The swamp plants struggled to stay alive and birds don't get that sick if they touch the water because they have a high tolerance

  • At the bottom of the pond there are a thick clay liner that stops all the water going through the soil underneath

  • This place is tagged in Pegasus and Oxford. The control building runs all the pipes and systems and the water stays at the same level so it doesn't flood 

  • UV tanks kill things that are bad that goes into the filters. Thousands of metres of bags of water are paid to go to the land fill

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  1. Where is the water from?
    Looks like you had a very educational morning